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Reviews on Sea-Doo watercraft models are located here.
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Our PWC picture of the week.

Brand New PWC Model!
Check out the brand new Sea·Doo GTX 4-TEC Vans Triple Crown Edition!
For more great (and brand new) photos of the 2003 Sea·Doo GTX 4-TEC Vans Triple Crown Edition, click on this photo!



Welcome to our chat/discussion page.  This page allows you to either enter a chat room, or post your thoughts on our discussion forum.  Please scroll down in order to make a selection.

Discussion Forum

Click here in order to access our discussion forum to post your thoughts and view other people's opinions about jet skis.  Start a thread now!


DIRECTIONS:  BEFORE you start chatting, please read these simple directions.

bulletOnce the applet has initiated, simply type in a unique nickname with at least three (3) numbers.  Leave the e-mail address and channel alone and hit "connect."  Wait a few seconds for our chat client to access the chat database.
bulletWhen inside the chat room, use it as you would any other chat room.
bulletTo instant message a specific person, go over to the column where it lists all of the users currently in the chat and double click their nickname.  A window will pop up.
bulletIf you have problems with the chat rooms, contact us immediately.
bulletTo exit a chat room, simply hit the "back" button in your browser OR exit the browser window.

-You may need to download a chat client in order to visit on of the follow rooms.  This operation is completely safe.


Chat Room Type Description of Chat
1.) Keep jet skis Chat for those who want to keep jet skis
2.) Ban jet skis* Chat for those who want to ban jet skis

AOL Instant Messenger™ chat

Do you have AIM and want to chat right now about jet skis?  Please click here in order to join our monitored chat room.  You can talk about race results, your favorite PWCs, and much more.

We reserve the right to boot any user from any chat room for any reason.
Click here to request to reserve a special nickname for our chat program (not required in order to chat).
* There will be no scheduled chats for this chat room.


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